At long last, a conclusive trail cam pic

I’ve been running trail cameras for many years.  For me, checking trail cams to see what has been captured is akin to a child unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.  It’s a ton of fun, it keeps me connected to the outdoors and it always has me wondering what I might see next.

Over the past few years I have gotten numerous night pictures of a dark, mysterious creature.  Here is an example from 2013:

That’s a fisher, right?  I’ve seen similar photos many times and that’s always been my belief.  All of the photos I have are very similar to this one and, while I’m almost certain it’s a fisher, I’ve always had some doubt given the rare number of sightings and elusive nature of these small mammals.  That is until now… check this out:

My friends, all doubt has now been erased.  I love this photo and I was thrilled to retrieve it off of my camera.  In 5+ years of getting night photos of what I thought was a fisher, this is the first daylight photo I have seen that makes it conclusive.   Good stuff!

Published by Glenn Griffith

I was raised in Michigan where I developed my love for the outdoors. I now reside in Massachusetts where I engage in outdoor activities throughout New England.

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