Mount Moosilauke – 8/17/21

Weather: partly cloudy, warm, humid Trailhead temp: 65 degrees Summit temp: 79 degrees Total distance: 7.8 miles Total time: 4 hrs, 50 mins Summits: Mount Moosilauke (4,802′), Mount Moosilauke South Summit (4,523′) Trail route: Gorge Brook to Carriage Road (AT) to Snapper Trail conditions: Dry and well maintained NH 4,000 Footers: 1 of 48 NH 52Continue reading “Mount Moosilauke – 8/17/21”

At long last, a conclusive trail cam pic

Over the past few years I have gotten numerous night pictures of a dark, mysterious creature.  Here is an example from 2013: That’s a fisher, right?  I’ve seen similar photos many times and that’s always been my belief.  All of the photos I have are very similar to this one and, while I’m almost certainContinue reading “At long last, a conclusive trail cam pic”

A Promising Deer Property 

Hunting deer isn’t easy, and all over the U.S. whitetail deer hunters face challenges unique to their region.  And that’s the way it should be; if this were simple it would be no fun and without the challenge this pursuit wouldn’t be so addicting. I believe there are two primary challenges to hunting deer hereContinue reading “A Promising Deer Property “

Moose preference points are in

As we move into June it’s that time of year where I again have submitted my annual moose hunting preference points in both New Hampshire and Maine.  The Eastern Moose that inhabits these states is one of four subspecies of moose than live in North America.  Moose represent the largest-bodied member of the deer family;Continue reading “Moose preference points are in”