What is Outdoor Avidity?

Outdoor–  Performed in or suited to the open air.  Avidity– extreme eagerness or enthusiasm.

This blog is driven by my passion for engaging in outdoors activities.  I’m married to a wonderful wife who thankfully supports my outdoor passion; we have two terrific and very active boys.  Together we live in the suburbs of central Massachusetts.  I have an enjoyable and demanding job where I’ve been working for the same company since graduating from college in 1993.

My suburban environment plus my family and work commitments leave me challenged to pursue outdoor activities as often as I would like.  My primary obsession is archery and bowhunting.  I also enjoy fly fishing, hiking, target shooting, camping, running and skiing.  I am fascinated with aviation and I look forward to one day earning a private pilot’s license.  I intend to use this blog to share my thoughts as I attempt to strike a balance between the demands of everyday life and my burning desire to get outdoors whenever I can.  I hope you enjoy it and please share your thoughts!


MI camp 2014

6 thoughts on “What is Outdoor Avidity?

  1. As a former Massachusetts resident, I’m looking forward to hearing your perspective on fulfilling outdoor hunting and fishing addictions while living in suburban New England!


  2. Congratulations on the debut of your new blog! I love the theme you chose, as well as the name! Looking forward to enjoying your posts.

    I’ll be blogging using this engine soon myself; I’ll let you know when it’s officially launched.


  3. Hi Glenn,
    Very cool site, I like your profile picture with the Turkey. I will never forget that day. Look forward to more adventures and reading your posts.


    1. Thanks Tim! I’ll never forget that day either; I’m forever grateful for your generosity to host me on that hunt and to call that bird in for me! Looking forward to more adventures with you in the future…


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